Copydan writing works for the rightsholders

Copydan Writing is a collective management organisation in the text and sheet music area, which manages the rights of authors and publishers in connection with copying.

Copydan Writing concludes copying agreements with our customers based on the extended collective licensing system. This means that we are able to offer one agreement that covers copying of the works of all rightsholders.

As the only organisation in Denmark, we have been authorised by the Danish Ministry of Culture to conclude agreements under the extended collective licensing system in the text and sheet music area for both authors and publishers.

The extended collective licensing system is a regulatory way of managing copyrights that ensures flexible access to copying for the users and compensation for the rightsholders for use of their material.

Read the authorisation by the Danish Ministry of Culture here (in Danish)


Who are our rightsholders?

Common to all our rightsholders is the fact that they all write, publish or in some other way contribute to the creation of text and sheet music material – or are the heirs of someone who did.

Copydan Writing operates with three types of rightsholders:

  • Authors: those who contribute to the works, i.a. authors, journalists, composers, translators, illustrators and photographers.
  • Publishers: those who publish the works, i.a. publishing houses, newspaper publishers, public institutions, businesses and digital platform providers.
  • Heirs: the heirs of an author. The copyright lasts for 70 years after the death of the rightsholder.


We make sure that rightsholders receive a payment when their work are copied 

As a rightsholder you are entitled to a remuneration when your material is copied – Copydan Writing makes sure that rightsholders receive their remuneration.

No matter the type of work concerned – Danish or foreign, printed or digital – they are all protected by copyright and through our copying agreements we represent all types of text and sheet music material.

In 2021 for instance, we distributed more than DKK 340 million to approx. 70,000 Danish and foreign authors, journalists, composers, illustrators, publishers and other rightsholders.


Copying in other countries

Copydan Writing has reciprocity agreements with sister organisations all over the world. This means that we receive money for the copying of Danish works in other countries, which we pay to the Danish authors and publishers. In return, we send money to foreign rightsholders when foreign works are copied in Denmark.

Read more about our bilateral agreements here


Further information

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