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We offer copying agreements for educational institutions and public and private businesses

The copying agreements of Copydan Writing make it possible to legally copy and use extracts from all the world’s published text and sheet music material, printed as well as digital material.

Copying works created by other people requires permission as well as payment.
The alternative to concluding an agreement with us is that you yourself must ask each individual rightsholder for permission and pay them for use of their work when you need to copy a text.

Our customers are educational institutions and private and public businesses.
They are also municipalities, regions, government institutions, schools, educational institutions, libraries and various types of businesses that require copying in their work.

We also cooperate with libraries, publishing houses and institutions about digital projects where specific text areas and extracts are made available online.


Why conclude a copying agreement?

Copying is using material in other contexts than the original. This is e.g. photocopying, scanning and printing. But it is also downloading and copy-pasting as well as using material in presentations etc.

There are many scenarios. And there are also many rights to obtain.
Therefore, we recommend a copying agreement with us. This way, you can be sure to always have both permission and payment in place.

As the collective management organisation we send the payment we receive for the copying agreements on to the people who have created the copied material. Together we ensure the availability of funds for production of new knowledge and texts.


What is a copying agreement for?

With an agreement with us, you can photocopy, print, scan, copy-paste, download, save and share extracts from copyrighted text material with pupils, students, colleagues and business partners.

In addition, you can copy pictures used in connection with text when you have an agreement with us. We offer this option in cooperation with Copydan Visuals.

The specific contents of the agreements and the copying framework vary according to customer type, as do the prices.


Further information

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