What we do

Copydan Writing concludes agreements regarding copying and distributes the remuneration received to the rightholders

Copydan Writing is a private business, established and owned by rightsholders in the text area.

We make it possible for educational institutions and public and private businesses to use others’ text and sheet music material by copying it and making it available. Our agreements are governed by the Danish Copyright Act.

Our object it to conclude agreements that provide for flexible and legal copying of copyrighted material, such as e.g. books, magazines, sheet music, websites, plays, blogs and much more.

The remuneration paid by our customers for an agreement is distributed to the rightsholders whose material is being copied.

We distribute the remuneration to the rightsholders individually.

We do so based on surveys of our customers’ current level of copying as registered in our database where we have lists of works, publishers, authors, illustrators etc.

Who are our customers and partners?

Our customers comprise schools, educational institutions, businesses as well as public institutions and authorities.
Our agreements enable them to make copies legally. This provides for more flexible and adaptable education and working days, as it allows the showing, distribution and digital sharing of copies with pupils, students and colleagues.

Among our customers are also libraries, publishing houses, associations etc.
We clear rights for them in connection with projects that involve making a large volume of texts or sheet music available to the public.

We also cooperate with other countries in connection with the distribution of remuneration for copying of text material across country borders. We have concluded reciprocity agreements with a large number of our foreign sister organisations which benefit the rightsholders when Danish works are copied abroad, and vice versa.

Read more about our bilateral agreements here

The legal basis

The agreements concluded by Copydan Writing are all based on special provisions in the Danish Copyright Act. We have been approved as a collective management organisation by the Danish Ministry of Culture and work within the framework of Danish legislation.

Via our member organisations we represent a substantial share of the authors in the text and sheet music area. As the only organisation in Denmark, we have been authorised to conclude agreements under the extended collective licensing system in the text and sheet music area for both authors/writers and publishers.


Read the authorisation for the educational and business area (in Danish)

Read the authorisation for the business area including digital use (in Danish)

Read the authorisation for the educational area including digital use for internal administrative purposes (in Danish)


Copydan Writing also concludes agreements within the library area as well as in connection with various digitization projects.

Read those and other authorisations by the Danish Ministry of Culture here (in Danish)


The extended collective licensing system is a way of managing copyrights that ensures flexible access to copying for users and compensation to the rightsholders for use of their material.

Based on the extended collective licensing system, we are able to offer one agreement that covers copying of the works of all rightsholders.

The legal basis upon which we conclude agreements is the Danish Copyright Act, and our activities are governed by the Danish Collective Management of Copyrights Act.


Further information

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